is it ok to throw my PC out the window??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pjchappy, May 15, 2002.

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    i have had various little problems since i got my computer 3 weeks ago. i have done system restore numerous times, have reinstalled xp, have reformatted and reinstalled EVERYTHING TWICE. . .. (once just YESTERDAY)

    anyways, right now, when i click on the settings for system restore, NOTHING happens.. . .also, just downloaded netscape 6.2. . .and it crashes at several different sites (which just yesterday it did not do such a thing). . .anyways, it just seems like the computer immediately starts having little problems. . what could be going on??? right now, i am going to do an XP repair. . .how do i do that. . i know i put the XP cd in and press R. ..however, i get to a C:\windows prompt and i don't know what to do from there. . .. .

    thanks. ... .
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    While XP is running, go to the i386 directory on the installation cd and laucnh winnt32.exe... this will launch setup... select the 'upgrade' installation. A little later it might say something about a repair installation but I'm not sure.

    Sorry to hear you're having so many problems. What file system are you running, fat32 or ntfs? Are you getting any bsods and if so, what kind of stop codes are you getting?
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    Make sure that it is a second story window. :D
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    well, i did the repair. . .and.. . .. . . .the link still doesn't work (the settings for System Restore. Why would this be happening????

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    I lost system restore once. I was using a ramdisk. Are you using one?
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    Just watch.....

    If you are a number of floors up ina highrise and hit someone, you could get 10 years for 2nd Degree!


    Seriously, re-do the latest bios, firmwares etc and use an imaging program for the HDD.

    I bought a Win Hauppage TV card and when it went t it's site for support it was compatible with NO new chipsets (VIA, ALI......)

    Have you always had this poblem?

    Go to each website and see what they say, for my TV card the fix was drop the PCI latency to 8 - Now I would have never guessed that!

    Jut a thought.........
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    :D Make sure your car isnt parked underneath :D
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    When you boot to the XP CD it will first offer you the opportunity to exit the installation program by pressing the "R" key for recovery console. DO NOT select this option, but DO continue with the installation. Two screens later you will be given the option to do a REPAIR INSTALL. Select this option.