is anybody else having trouble staying online?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by *~*Insolence*~*, Dec 17, 2001.

  1. i dont know if this is an XP thing or what but my shit will just trip out and keep booting me like 7 or 8 times in a row...then it will calm down for an hour or so and do it again...does anybody else have this problem or is it an MSN thing?
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    nope. i have no trouble satying online. I can stay online easily and for as long as i want. What errors do you get when it happens.
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    The only problem that I have is that sometimes XP will tell me my network connection is unplugged and I know its not... and then it wont see that I'm online for a little while...usually got shut down and wait a few minutes. :mad:

    ...and I'm on a cable modem.
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    If you are having problems staying connected to the net that is probably a problem with your ISP, not with XP. There used to be a number of programs that you could run that would ping your ISPs server periodically to keep from timing out, dont know if any of those would run on XP tho. Some people have said that if they have their e-mail program check for new e-mail every 5 or 10 mins that solves ISP timeout problems.

    I am on cable so I do not have that problem, also clean installs of XP seem to have alot fewer problems than upgrades or full installs over existing OSs.
  5. im on dsl i was haveing a BIG problem as well i was getting kick often it was really pissing me off . it didnt start till install the RASPPPOE !!! So i went back to the old PPPOE and all is good so far .......... KEPPING MY FINGERS CROSSED