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    Irfan viewer

    There were numerous updates here are only the more important things.

    Version 3.85 ( - CURRENT VERSION - ) (Release date: 29.08.2003)

    The WBZ/WBC support has been removed! (At request of

    Support for Adobe 8BF filters: Image->Effects menu (PlugIn)

    Support for JPM format (JPEG2000/Part6, LuraDocument.jpm, PlugIn)

    Support for DDS format (Direct Draw Surface) (Formats PlugIn)


    Support for DWG format (AutoCAD 13 or later, preview only)

    Simple saturation option added (Image->Enhance Colors and Batch mode)

    New options for GIF/ICO transparent saving (save dialog options)

    New edit menu: Create custom selection

    New advanced batch option: Add overlay text

    New batch scan option: Skip existing files

    The selection rectangle can be moved using the right mouse button

    Expanded Copy/Move dialog (more folders)

    Option to set JPG Comment/IPTC for multiple files (from Thumbnails window)

    Option to set the cut color (Properties->Misc 3)

    Option to sort files in "Create multipage TIF" dialog

    Option to set the start image index in the slideshow dialog (double click)

    Option to enable/disable dithering for color reduction

    New option: "Properties->Misc. 1->Show TGA alpha color"

    Improved JPG lossless operations: Use as JPG cleaner possible

    New options for HTML export

    Change: PSP, CAM, SFW formats moved to FORMATS PlugIn

    Wallpaper save location changed (Folder: "Application data")

    Slideshow movement in now possible in automatic mode too (space/backspace ...)

    Improved SGI, TIF reading

    Improved command line option: /slideshow; Examples:
    i_view32.exe /slideshow=folder
    i_view32.exe /slideshow=folder\*.jpg

    New command option: /aspectratio; Enable aspect ratio for /resize and /resample

    New command line option: /info=txtfile; Write image infos to text file
    Example: i_view32 c:\test.jpg /info=test.txt
    Example: i_view32 c:\*.jpg /info=jpgs.txt

    Most PlugIns are changed/updated, please install the newest versions

    Some minor bugs/features fixed/added (Filter Factory, RAW)
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