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    Here's my dilema.. I want to use a remote control on my PC.. I know about some software out there like Uice and Girder for controlling the remote.
    now whats the point of this IrDA connector on my MB?? Can i buy a simple cable with a IR reviever and connect it to this plug?
    I know there are IR to USB and IR to serial adaptors out there.. but whats the use of this connector with 5 pins on my MB? Do people use this thing now days?

    Also.. anyone know other programs like girder out there that i can try to setup a universal remote control?
  2. HellyHans

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    i forgot to mention... will i be able to use this kind of software even if my IR reciever is connected to the irda connector on the mb or will the software not recognize anything?
    Is there a special kind of driver for IRDA?
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    IRDA = IrDA infrared communication is an inexpensive and widely adopted short range wireless technology that allows devices to “speak” easily to each other. Key protocol features make operation simple even for inexperienced users or devices with very little user interface. Digital cameras, phones, pagers, data collectors, set-top boxes, modems, kiosks, instruments, machinery, ID badges, watches, and computer peripherals are some of the natural users of this technology

    Remote - Remote Assistance ( XP )
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    It's mostly used for connecting something like a PDA and such, I think the range would be short. I'm also not sure about using a remote with it.

    You can always purchase a Remote Wonder from ATI which uses RF. I have the remote wonder II and it's a great remote. The original remote wonder isn't as good in range and doesn't always get the commands, the RW2 works almost flawlessly.

    Here's the Remote Wonder Plus (newer then RW2)

    Here's a way to build your own IrDA board:

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