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  1. AnD

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    Now my network is working and my internet connection, but if I want to play a game over my network ( LAN multiplayer ) some games need IPX/SPX.

    Must I just install IPX/SPX + will my network be working (and my internet connection) if I install IPX/SPX because it is another protocol. the internet connection and my network will maybe use this new protocol and it doesn't work maybe ( I have no idea ).

    Who can help me?

  2. Ritchie

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    You will need to add IPX/SPX to the network adapter in network connections. Just click "Install", "Protocol", "NWlink IPX/SPX" and that should be you. It won't break anything either.

    BTW: IPX? are you grooving with some command and conquer or duke nukem 3d :)

  3. AnD

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    I want to play Delta force 3 and Red Alert 2 in a network but they need IPX/SPX.

    So it does nothing to my internet connetion or my network.
  4. Ritchie

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    Nope. The protocols won't interfere with each other.
  5. AnD

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    It works thanks
  6. AnD

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    I have one question. Now I have this network but sometimes the PC where Windows 98 is installed to freezes (sometimes) when he is starting up. How comes this and what can I do with this problem?

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    Install the NWlink protocol. NWLink is XP's version of Novell's IPX/SPX

  8. Ritchie

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    I figured you were trying this in xp...