Ipswitch WS FTP PRO - Problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Lewie, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Lewie

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    Hi There I wonder if anyone can help me as I cannot think of anything else to do.
    I have ran a website for many years using the ftp and found it to be no problem with the main site i upload to. I have another site which as been on for over a year but no problems. Until the other day when i tried to log in it came up login error.

    I went back to be hosting details and wrote down the password this hasn't made a slightest difference. My other site is ok but i have looked at everything re typing it in with no joy.

    I wonder if anyone can help me on this because i'm out of ideas. Nothing's run out like hosting because i have that for two years. I have changed nothing on the ftp and the other site is ok and will upload.

    anyway any ideas.....PLZ
    Thanks for you time
  2. Luna

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    Houston, Tx
    Post the error message you received on your FTP client. We will need this information to determine what the problem is.
  3. Lewie

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    Login Error

    The server rejected your login credentials. Retype your username and password and click OK to retry.

    Enable the Save login information option to update and save your site login information.

    But i have done all this over and over Luna
  4. gonaads

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    Is the user name and or password case sensitive?

    Or does someone else have access to this site and may have locked you out by changing the log in and/or password?