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    I have an ADSL connection to the net via a 5 port linksys hub which I know works. I also know that my comp is hitting the hub. the problem is that I need to do an inconfig/release but I don't seem to have administrative rights to do this. Anyone know a work around? I would format/reinstall but I can't see the C when I boot from A. Help to either prob would be invaluable. Thanks.
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    if you reboot, it will do the same thing as ipconfig...

    as for the "I can't see the C when I boot from A", i am not sure what you mean.
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    for some reason that didn't do the trick. I rebooted a few times, but to no avail.

    The other thing I was talking about was that I could not see the c:\ when I tried to boot from a boot disk (a:\) I could only see the CD drive for some reason. Any idea about that? Thanks,
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    hey there!!!

    you cant see your hard drive because it is an NTFS volume..which FAT wont recognize as a legitimate volume.... you should check out:


    for more information about this..and what you can do to "see" your hard drive again. Essentially what you need is an NTFS boot disk... I'm really hoping you had the opportunity to create a set of ERD's for you pc...

    anyway...hope this helps..

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    Did you manually set the IP/DNS/Subnet?

    If you did, change it to DHCP.
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    ipconfig stuff...

    Right deja..... DHCP should work... question is does he have admin rights to change it..??

    If its a linksys hub/router - isn't there away to manage it through IE???

    by typing in my address bar..i have always been able to manually adjust settings for my router at home.... don't know if your's is setup that way, but it might work....

    and of course, reboot..and see what happens.. also, if your hub/router has a reset button, try that as well.

    any suggestion??? i'd be interested in knowing myself how you resolve this...

    good luck!!

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    About booting from A and not being able to see the c:\ drive, you should boot from the WinXP CD.

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    Try opening the LAN card connection from the Network Connections area and click the "Repair" button. It does the same thing as release/renew.

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    if you are trying to reset your linksys...

    I am not sure if you need to reset you router but if you do not know the admin password to the router then push the little reset button on the router itself, this will set the router back to the default config.

    then when you access the router (via I.E. and typing in the address bar then you only need to leave the username blank in the router config and the password is Admin.

    Then you should be able to reset your linksys router settings.

    If you need to reset your settings on your puter-- well, listen to the other guys :D
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    Just wanted to thank everyone for their help and advice. Turns out it was a DHCP problem and I just needed to adjust the TCP/IP to optain an IP automatically verses using the static one. Thanks again for your help. ~Brian