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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by bmorrissey51, Feb 23, 2003.

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    Not sure if this is legal, but I am looking for a way to mask my IP address from people. I don't really want people finding out what it is at all...is this even possible? Such as a program or something?
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    use a proxy ... but when you connect to certian things it will still show your true ip ...
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    What is the deal with everyone wanting to hide their IP's all of a sudden? This must be the third time I've seen this question this week.

    You can use a proxy, but remember the first rule of using the internet - No matter what you do someone is probably watching:happy:
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    It all depends on what you want to mask your IP from.
    You can't just change your ip, it has been assigned to your by your isp, weather permenant or leased for 2 hours (eg dialup) or more.
    The simple fact is that it's impossible to genuinelly hide your ip, you can hide it from websites, IRC servers, Mail servers, and so on, but even then all you're doing is using someone else's computer, therefore passing YOUR ip to a second computer, and the second computers IP to the server you are connecting to.
    Someone having your IP is NOT a security risk (woo, how many people are gonna correct me on this.....), unless you are running some sort of service or deamon, then they're not going to "hack" you or anything like that, they may try DoS/DDoS, but thats only if you've pissed someone off, whereby, you deserve it.
    I'm just tired of paranoid people. bleh.