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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by aphexking58, Nov 25, 2002.

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    Please help.

    I have NTL Broadband trouble. I have rang them about my problem. They say the fault is on my computer but I am unsure.

    I only get a lease for an hr or up to 24 hrs, after that I will lose my IP address. This is the problem

    For example if I got an hour lease and I turned my computer on at 9am on the 23/11/02. It would say in local area conection status details.

    Lease obtained 23/11/02 09:00
    Lease expires 23/11/02 10:00

    After this time I would lose my IP address and I would have to re-boot my computer to be able to go on the internet.

    This should not be happening as my friend with NTL broadband gets a 5 days lease, and its always changing so he never loses his connection (ip address)

    Ntl told me to that it could be these problems...

    Firewall, Kazaa, Nic, graphic card.

    I have re-installed NIC drivers.

    Can any one help me with this problem Please,

    I am very sorry that this is so long, i need to sort out this problem.


  2. chris

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    This was happening to me for about the first few months but its sorted itself out without me doing anything.

    I just checked mine again and I too have a 24 hour lease, but my uptime is just over 2 days and the internet has been on all of that. Having said that though, it sometimes dips enough to d/c from irc but not from anything else.

    Sorry I cant offer a solution :/
  3. OMG< this has just happened to me today as well, it wont allow me to repair the connection either,

    I can use the net, but P2P programs won work anymore!!

    this happened about a few hours ago! should i bother contacting them?
  4. Electronic Punk

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    Eddy: You said this was a firewall problem right?

    Odd that your IP should change...
    I had Bluyonder for 6 months, my IP address changed once!
  5. TheBlueRaja

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    I have NTL Broadband, get a weeks lease at a time, yet my IP Address never seems to change. Which is cool....

    I would definately argue that NTL are at fault here though. Their DNS server controls how long a lease is given for and there aint squat you can do about it from you end.

    Phone them back on their Tech support line, and ask to speak with someone who knows what a DNS Server is and query them as to what the problem is.

    The only way that i CAN think of where you could be the problem is that if you are using NAT on a router, or if your computer is behind another using Internet Connection Sharing, but if your IP address is 80.*.*.* then you should be OK.

    :blink: Nah, Definately an NTL issue...
  6. oDin

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    weird....its odd that you would have a lease time of only an hour or 24 hours. it is very unlikely that the problem is on your end. TheBlueRaja is right, sort of, the lease time is completly out of your control. it is controlled by your ISPs DHCP server(not DNS :D ). the only thing that i can see causing the problem would be a router. NAT or ICS would probaly have nothing to do with it. if you are using a software router, clear out all the rules. then open up a dos window and type ipconfig /release and then type ipconfig /renew. if you get an alert window allow the traffic to go throught. its comming from the ISPs' DHCP server, so its safe. if you are using a hardware, check and see if you can renew its ip address.

    hope this helps