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    I recently purchased an Iomega CDRW 24x10x40 (Liteon version) not even on their website - it refuses to read some of my CDs. I found the clone ones have problem being detected by this CDRW. Whats the problems here, anybody know? Someone said that I need to install some kind of a firmware!! By the way, this one only reads NERO and does not work with ROXIO.
    Any help is appreciated.
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    Remeber, the Iomega drives are rebadged Plextors

    What do you mean it is the Liteon version? Does the box say "Burn Proof" on it? If it does, just read all the posts and fixes about Plextor drives and just insert Iomega where it says Plextor. You can even flash the firmware on a Iomega with Plextor updates. In fact, any burner that says it uses "Burn-Proof" technology was made by Plextor. They hold the patent on it. For instance, Creative. Someone please correct me if I am wrong but I know this was fact a few months ago.
    As to your problem with Roxio, have you applied the patch to fix it's problem with XP? Also, have you done the ASPI Layer update on XP? You need to do both or nothing will work right.



    In the Far-East there are two version of Iomega 24x10x40 CDRW. One with Pleaxtor and the other with Liteon hardware. Of the two, Liteon is the cheaper version and includes NERO software. It will not accept ROXIO but Plextor will. The Liteon version is not 'burn-proof' and the street price is around US$86. By the way, both versions are not on Iomega website. I hope this will clear the confusion.:rolleyes: