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    Some body please tell me. how to get rid of these? every time I start my computer I get this right after my Gateway Logo screen.....

    Invalid Boot.INI
    Booting From C:\Winnt

    Tried System Restore does'nt work installed "WinTV2000" But I uninstalled it or "Style XP" Tried Disabaling Still there, somebody Help
  2. Had same problem.. rerun an Xp disk, and hit "Upgrade" It's not a big deal, but it will start a bit slower. What you may have done was tweak the system at somepoint and it got rid of the boot.ini file
    Just rerun your disk, and it will put the files back where they should go.. It worked for me

  3. Bondar

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    Where Is the That "Upgrade" I have Home Edition, Can You tell me exactly how to get there?
  4. Hipster Doofus

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    Try this:

    Right click my compter\properties\startup & recovery\settings. Click 'edit'. Cut & paste your boot.ini. Save it somewhere just in case. Then replace it with this >

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect


    ps The last line is one line.
  5. Bondar

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    Still Doesnt Work, Any more Sugestions?
  6. Try this

    Boot.ini attached
  7. Bondar

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    Still dont work!!!!! Even douh it was a different file size (Boot.INI) from mine
  8. PseudoKiller

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    why is it looking in the c:\winnt directory for the boot.ini WinXP dosent have a winnt directory
    plus the boot.ini is located in the root of the active drive C:\boot.ini

    Yay or Nay
  9. Bondar

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    Cause Boot.INI is located In Winnt
  10. PseudoKiller

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    and are you running WinXP or NT 4
  11. dave holbon

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    If all else fails boot from the XP/2K CD and try the following: -

    The Boot.ini file is corrupt or missing: -

    From the Recovery Console prompt, type bootcfg /scan to list all available Windows installations on all available disks. Use bootcfg /rebuild to automatically replace the existing Boot.ini file; use bootcfg /add to append a Windows installation to Boot.ini without changing existing entries.

    Critical system files are damaged or missing: -

    You can restore Ntldr, Ntoskrnl.exe,, and driver files from the Recovery Console. If the file exists on the Windows CD, use the Copy command and enter the source and destination; Windows expands compressed files automatically. If the file is stored within a .cab file, such as, use the Expand command.

    Another operating system replaced the Windows XP boot sector code: -

    Start Recovery Console from the Windows CD and use the Fixboot command to rewrite the boot sector code. Restart your computer.

    Are you using NT?
  12. Bondar

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    No, Im using Xp Home Edition But I will try the above
  13. NetRyder

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    Not true ... in Windows XP, boot.ini is always located in the root directory (C:\boot.ini)
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    I dont know cause I would have to click on the folder Winnt THEN on BOOT.INI
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    Boot.ini should be in the root of your system drive. In your case I believe that that would be C:\. Did you upgrade from WinNT? Like people have said before, WinXP unlike WinNT doesn't have a "winnt" directory. See if you can find a boot.ini in the root of your C:\ drive. Do you have "show hidden / system files" on? Edit your boot.ini so "winnt" becomes "windows" in all lines, unless you have WinNT next to WinXP and want to dual boot. If you can't find a boot.ini in the root, copy the one in your "winnt" directory, edit it so "winnt" becomes "windows" and try a reboot.

    A good M$ article concerning editing the boot.ini can be found here:;EN-US;Q289022&

    Willem Moolenaar
  16. Bondar

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    To Late

    Its to late Now I went to some setup starting from My computer and change where it booted from and when I restarted It wont start windows any more So I installed another Copy of Xp home Edition I still have All the programs I downloaded, Just that My document and My music file there Empty C: Drive is still The same, So any way I learned a Valubale lession here dont do any Tweaks let Xp run the way you its suppose to, and I appricate all the help posted THANKS Later