Introducing Matrox Parhelia™-512 - Website Launched

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by max, May 14, 2002.

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    I just found this , WAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhooooo what a card !

    The revolutionary new Matrox Parhelia-512 high-fidelity GPU delivers a new level of visual quality, excellent performance and a wide range of innovative technologies. Parhelia-512 is an 80 million transistor, 0.15µ, 2D, 3D and DVD/video GPU with a true 256-bit DDR memory interface providing over 20 gigabytes per second (GB/s) of raw memory bandwidth. This AGP device supports unified frame buffers up to 256MB in size and integrates two RAMDACs, a TV encoder and support for dual TMDS transmitters. Designed to surpass the expectations of the most demanding professional users and PC enthusiasts, Parhelia-512 has three major goals: to dramatically increase the quality of all aspects of visualization, to sustain high performance for the most complex and demanding graphics rendering and to deliver a number of innovative and substantive features.

    Here are some specs from Matrox on the new Parhelia GPU:

    80 million transistor (0.15 micron process) 512-bit GPU
    256-bit DDR memory interface with up to 256MB DDR unified frame buffer
    10-bit Gigacolor Technology (10-bit per channel rendering, with over 1 billion simultaneously displayed colors)
    AGP 8x with Fast Writes
    OpenGL 1.3 and DX 8.1 compliant
    Fourth Generation DualHead Technology (400MHz 10-bit RAMDACs up to 2048x1536 @32bpp)
    Support for 3rd RGB output (3 display desktop up to 3840x1024 @32bpp)
    Quad Vertex Shader Array, Quad texturing per pixel
    36-Stage Shader Array
    64 Super Sample Texture Filtering
    Hardware Displacement Mapping
    16x Fragment Antialiasing
    10-bit DVD playback, filtering, scaling and output
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    Think I will stick with nVIDIA, tho it is nice to see an effort at some competition again.
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    now we got nvidia, ati, 3dlabs, and matrox...finally there might be real competition and a bit of proce lowering too!
  4. LightWave

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    yeah! hehe we can expect a really big graphics card "technology" fight coming now ! Looking forward 2 that ! :D