Internet problems HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Taggert_LOA, Nov 14, 2003.

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    I am having problems getting on the internet with one of my computers. When i open the connnections settings tab in IE
    It has the lan settings box checked. It has never been checked before and only started when i hooked the pc up through a switch. We have two computers with two separate ip addresses
    but only one computer can be on at the same time. any reason why the lan settings tab is always selected even after i uncheck it? Can my Switch be bad?
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    2 PCs hooked together how? USB, ethernet?

    Through a switch? Mechanical switch, switched Hub?

    How do you connect to the internet? Dial up, cable, dsl?
    If dsl or cable - did you used to pull the ethernet cable from one PC and plug it into the other to get a connection? With a dsl or cable connection the LAN box should always be checked.

    Tell us what changed in your configuration. What configuration are you trying to go from and to?

    It sounds liek you just got broadband and are trying to hook 2 PC's to the broadband. Since you have 2 different assigned IP addresses then its a peice of cake.

    Cable/dsl modem connects to a HUB that has 4 or more output ports. Run a "straight through" ethernet cable from the hub to each PC. Depending on the Modem and HUB you may need a cross over cable between the Hub and modem (some modems/hubs have a switch on them that lets you select cross over or straight through).

    Once you have the physical connections in place you shold see green light on the Modem, HUB and PC network connection LEDs. If one is red a conenction is bad or you have the wrong cable type.

    Next run the internet connection wizard on each PC and tell it you want to connect through your LAN. When done reboot and both pc's should have their own connection to the web and you should be surfing.

    With the hub you can also swap files, share printers, etc between the PC's. But that's another post if you have probelms.
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    re:Internet problems HELP!!!'

    we use cable internet via cat 5 ethernet cable. the switch worked at my other place with no lan settings and no internet connection wizard. however both use the same default gateway. could that be a problem? I am using a linksys 10/100 5 port workgroup switch.