Internet problem with home network

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by New Disease, Jun 21, 2006.

  1. New Disease

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    i have a laptop and a home pc that are connected to my wanadoo livebox router (ethernet and wireless)

    the problem is that when i plug in the ethernet cable or turn on the wireless for the first time after i boot up my computer the internet works perfectly, but if i unplug the cable or turn off the wirless for a while and then try to browse sites later the internet will not work. the only way to get the internet to work again is to restart the computer..

    when i plug the cable and wireless in it connects to the network and says its fine but if i open a browser every page says cannot be displayed

    any settings i need to change??

    oh im on xp pro
  2. saeltmarae2k

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    Hmm...Ive seen this before, and I had to clone the main PC's MAC in the router...
  3. robespeir

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    I would have to agree with saeltmarae2k, although I am no expert myself by any means. It does sound like a problem with the router though. might have more information.