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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mrw.cs, Oct 31, 2002.

  1. mrw.cs

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    I recently added two Windows XP computers to my network. The first one I added cannot access the internet neither through my router/cable connection nor through my telephone connection. It also does not find the two Windows 98 computers on the network. The two Windows 98 computers cannot see it. The second one I added has full access to the internet by router/cable and by telephone and, as well, sees the two Windows 98 computers and they see it. I have checked the configurations on both WIndows XP computers and they appear identical. I know I'm missing something but I'm at a loss. Any ideas... :(
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    Can you ping your Win98 machines from your WinXP machine? And vice versa? Have you made a share on your Win98 machines? Try accessing them from your WinXP machine by

    START > Run > \\computername\sharename > OK

    Kind regards,
    Willem Moolenaar
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    Check and make sure there are no conflicts with the NICs on either machine, and after that run the connection wizard in IE.
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  5. mrw.cs

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    Appreciate your advice, however I still have the problem. I thought it was a security issue but I have already turned off the internal firewall
  6. Unhygienix

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    Are the workgroup names on all the machines the same?
    Can the XP machine that is having the connectivity problems ping any other device on the network?
    Is the machine being assigned an IP address?
    Could this be a cable problem?
    Is the machine plugged into a proper port on the router? Eg. not the uplink port.

    Just some thoughts
  7. mrw.cs

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    Workgroup names are all the same. The XP machine will not ping the other computers. Th emachine is being assigned, which doesn't make sense as it isn't close to IP address of router or the addresses of the other computers. This is not a cable problem, switche cables already. It is plugged into proper port.

    Appreciate your help.
  8. Unhygienix

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    That IP address is an automatic address. It is assigned when the machine cannot see a DHCP server(Eg your router) Is your router setup as a DHCP server? Is the machine setup to obtain IP address automatically? I know with my router I can stipulate how many DHCP addresses to assign. If I add another machine to my network I have to tell the router to assign another IP address. Check to see if your router is setup to assign enough IP addresses to accomodate all the devices on the network. Also check to see if your router has an updated firmware available from the maufacturers website. You could also manually assign the machine an IP address. If your other machines are getting an IP address like try giving the machine an IP address of with a subnet mask of and assign the IP address of the router as the default gateway.

    Good Luck
  9. mrw.cs

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    I manually assigned an IP address and the computer in question is now communicating with the other computers on the network but not the printers or the Internet.
  10. Unhygienix

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    Good news. Now check the machine's TCP\IP properties. Tell us if there is any info regarding the machine's default gateway. Probably blank at this point. This will have to be entered manually. The IP address of the machine's default gateway should be the IP address of the router. Most likely I say most likely but confirm this to be sure.

    Let us know.


    P.S.What is the make and model of the router by the way.
  11. mrw.cs

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    Default gateway is Nothing changed. Router is a US Robotics model 8000A. Sure happy I have a few computers on this network or it would be aweful lonely. This is frustrating because I'm supposed to have all the answers. Glad this isn't one of my clients having this challenge!