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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sherpard, Dec 11, 2002.

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    hey every oneY!! i would like to ask u guys how come internet explorer 6 startsup with windows all the time. i have no idea what caused this or when it started.. what might be the cause can anyone tell me? anyway i cannot find ;) it in msconfig.startup. i dont see what might be causing it.. i have like mcafee. windows messenger,icq, mcafee firewall, creative nomad detector.. but they are DEFINITELY not causing it.. might be something i installed. anyway just getting help! thanks pple

    PS: my comp doesnt have any viruses or trojans which i know of!! im pretty sure of that, have all the latest definition files for my mcafee virusscan professional edition 7

    Brandon :cool:
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    Type in 'msconfig' in Start -> Run, then go to the 'Startup' tab. See if there is any website or IElink is added there and remove it by removing the tick.
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    What exactly makes you think IE is starting up at boot? I mean what exactly is happening? Does a web page open?

    Remember that Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer are not the same thing even though they essentially are. They use a lot of the same code. We need to know exactly what is happening to give you a good answer.