Internet Explorer issue under Win XP Pro

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by houdini25, Apr 28, 2002.

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    Hey folks,
    I've been an avid lurker of this message board for awhile and now I have a need for some help. I am running Windows XP Pro and IE 6. For some strange reason, IE will take about 2 minutes to open up to a webpage. Afterwards I can surf the net without any lag or problems (I have cable modem) However, whenever I close IE and then re-open it, or open it for the first time, it takes forever to load. I am also running Windows Pro 2000 and Windows 98 on individual machines without any problems. My machine is an HP Pavillion with 900MHZ Pentium Processor and 256MB of ram. The only thing I could come up with is that I haven't defragged my drives for quite awhile. The other programs on this PC run fine. Email works without a problem. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Do you run any firewall software?
  3. houdini25

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    I am running Symantec's Firewall program. I turned it off and it's still giving me trouble. I also have a linksys router but my other PCs which aren't running Symantec Firewall are fine. I downloaded Opera on the troubled computer and Opera is having no problems uploading pages.
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    How are your privacy and security settings in internet options?
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    tools>internet options>connections click on lan settings and uncheck automatically detect settings
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    May not be your fault.....

    Are you with Blueyonder?

    I am, and the other day for no reason whatsoever I lost my connection, all the lights and stuff were working but it just couldn't fing a web page, I phoned the engineer, who after queerying the system (it was a completely fresh installation of xp) could not find a problem - 38hrs later (!) all of a sudden my connection came back (he phoned again and said he had done nothing to resolve the situation!)

    My point is (blah, blah, blah!) when I phoned the help line, the automated voice listed a s*it load of other problems with the network accross the company and yours sounds familiar.

    Here is there support line.... and wait for it.... it is a FREE phone number!!! - plus they don't keep you waiting they pick up straight away! - Only the bibile has miracles like that!

    0800 953 2000 :D
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    i notice there's some lag like that if you have a particularly large host file.... maybe what you can do is increase the size of you DNS cache.... in the tweak section ... i don't know whether this will fix it but it's just a suggestion...