Internet Explorer and XP problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by XBucklawX, Apr 19, 2002.

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    Hello all, first post here !!! Hopefully someone can help me out here !!

    I'm having problems with Internet explorer 6, it chrashes all the time for me. I don't use it that much, i use netscape, but i noticed lately that it won't do anything at all.. That probably relates to the windows xp question i have!!

    when i try to restart or turn off the computer, it gives me a "this program is not responding" error message, and either waits for me to end now, or does it by itself !!!

    it does it twice, and both are files that are on my computer!!! I've tried to delete the first file but the system says it's being used by another program!!!

    here's what the problem is and where the files are located !!!

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Totem Shared\Uninstall0001\Upd.exe



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    Not really sure, if you want to try it, Open Windows Explorer, then Open Task Manager, go to Processes, End Process: Explorer.exe, the hold Alt and hit Tab to get to Windows Explorer, go to the folder where the files are located, and delete them. Then go back to Task Manager, go to Processes, Start New Process, Browse to: C:\WINDOWS\Explorer.exe and start it.

    You can now check to see if deleting the files did anything.

    If ending Explorer.exe didn't work, hit F8 as your computer boots and choose "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" and delete them from there by typing:

    DEL C:\Folder\Folder\Folder\File.ext

    Replacing Folder, File, and .ext respectively
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    I am having the same problem, any ideas, I cant keep explorer from crashing!! I know what I am doing, but nothing helps.
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    Does it just crash right after installation?

    Or does it start doing it after you've loaded some programs onto it?

    Also, what are your system specs?

    And, if you haven't done it, do a clean install.
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    Those files seem way to suspicios, and they are not the part of windows in any sence.

    My sixth sence tells me you need to run ad-aware, and a good antivirus, i.e. it's either some spyware or a trojan