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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by knowley, Oct 27, 2002.

  1. knowley

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    Hi people

    Got a strange on here I think?

    I had a mate over with his PC, we set I a pier to pier network, both of us running XP. I enabled interent connection sharing and it all worked fine.

    Before we unplugged the network I forgot to turn off ICS. Now everytime windows boots up it connects automatically but I dont know how to turn it off so it only connects when I try and do something internet related PLUS the notification keeps vanishing from my system tray. Thing is as the network is not setup the ICS options do not appear.

    Any ideas, other than setting the netwrk back up?

  2. Rootz

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    Plug your network back and remove on-demand dial from ICS settings.
  3. knowley

    knowley Guest

    But I dont have another pc, I have a LAN card and cross over cable but nothing to stick on the other end.

    ALSO could this cause me other problems with my connection? Cause I run a UT2003 server sometimes and its seems very laggy compared to beofre I set up ICS.

  4. Rootz

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    ICS changes the IP address on the machine is set up into cause it needs this static network config. If you had previously configured specific network settings they might not work anymore or cause slowness and conflicts.

    Regarding ICS settings... have you tried through network connection settings/advanced? (although link is inactive you should anyway be able to access network card settings) there you can disable connection sharing (and eventually restore back your IP configuration).
  5. knowley

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    ahhh i see!

    unfortunately the ICS options have actually gone as the lan is unplugged, I will endevour to sort another pc out...

  6. knowley

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    Was my fault, I diabled the LAN card, enbabled it in Device man. and I can get to the ICS settings.

    BUT I still have the lag problem on UT server, so I reinstalled XP.

    Run into Activation Problems though... need to ring M$... You do good buy purchasing new software and it just causes you hassle when you reinstall... PAIN