interesting problem with LAN and performance

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mAsTa NoOdLe, Nov 13, 2002.

  1. mAsTa NoOdLe

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    I have a strange problem I was wondering if anyone has a fix for.
    When ever my computr connects to teh internet, my computer slows, or in the case of Gaming, stutters... Now I noticed t when I saw that a game i was playing was stuttering erratically. I looked for coinsidences, and it happens when the lights on my switch blink(indicating activity). Now this doesn't happen when I am not using teh internet, but using the LAN(i.e. LAN gaming with friends). Does anyone know whats up?
  2. jonocainuk

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    have you got the latest drivers installed for your NIC card? also, does your motherboard have a VIA chipset or an ALi chipset? If so, you need either the 4in1 drivers (for VIA) or the driver patch for ALi, you get them from and respectively (i think).

    try that, if it dont work, post back :)