Interesting Post by Tim Sweeney about the need "For 64 bit processors TODAY"

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by LPDad, Feb 28, 2003.

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    Tim Sweeney, Head programmer at Epic Games and Creator of the Hugely Successful line of Unreal Gaming Engines Speaks out about the "footdragging" going on behind the new 64 bit processor scenes.

    The bottom line: "Either Move your Tail, or get the hell outta the way" (well, that is the gist of it anyway....:D )

    Tim Sweeney Article
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    "Many of these upcoming Opteron motherboards have 16 DIMM slots; you can fill them with 8GB of RAM..."

    i've heard arguments in the past about whether or not 64-bit processing is necessary today.

    "We're going to ship the 64-bit version of UT2003 at or before the consumer Athlon64 launch. And our next-generation engine won't just support 64-bit, but will basically REQUIRE it on the content-authoring side."

    and i hope other developers will do the same thing. i'd like to see amd take off in the 64-bit market... and love to get my hands on an athlon64. :happy:
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    i want amd to release there 64bit-ch now:) does anyone know the approximate cost of the chip
  4. Zedric

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    It's about time. It would put some fire under Intel's butt as well. :)
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    there are around 1000 opteron systems already out there :)

    just we can't buy em off the shelf...

    I spose they are using a test base or something before releasing it to the public...