Intel V92 HaM Modem causes XP not to shutdown!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by da95649, Feb 16, 2002.

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    Guys after a rigorus check, I checked and updated all my drivers for my system. At first i thought it was the Geforce 3 Ti200 card, but put the 27.42's on and now the blue screens have gone, but with the XP driver for the Intel Modem V92 HaM enabled, XP never shut down succesfully. Disabled the modem, and shut down was brilliant.

    I went to and downloaded the latest XP drivers, but still it does it.

    Are Microsfot aware of this and is there a fix?

    Or is the fix to buy a new modem?

    Cheers Dudez
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    Intel V92 HaM Modem Driver

    I have this very same problem - Intel insist their latest XP driver solved the 'power down' problem but it doesn't. They said I need to upgrade the BIOS but i'm already using the latest. When I disable the modem it all shuts down fine. If anyone can offer some guidance, it would be appreciated.
  3. da95649

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    Yes at Last some on the same issue!!!

    God dam intel I hope they go bust the Fuc*ers!