Integrated video to PCI....advice/suggestions?

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Jahya, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. Jahya

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    I will be installing a PCI G4MX 420 64 meg SDR card into a HP Pavilion 650mhz for my bro and I guess the main question is, when I install this will XP recognize this and automatically use it or will I have to disable the integrated video in the BIOS? Will there be anything else I need to do besides install the drivers? I have never installed a pci video card before nor have I ever dealt with integrated video, I have always built my own comps and thus used AGP cards. Any help/advice offered will be greatly appreciated ;)
  2. Nick M

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    Nothing major. Just go into the BIOS, intergrated stuff section, and disable onboard.

    Then you can boot up with your new card, and well, install drivers for it, and you're set.

    I'v ran a system with both a PCI card and onboard video enabled, but that can give errors...
  3. yes like Intel boards have a video boot up option of AGP or PCI besides the disable integrated video choice depends on model and features.

  4. Jahya

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    Thanks! Sounds like it won't be too big a deal then. ;)
  5. Zodiaq

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    Jahya...lmao....if you have the Intel 810 chipset...goodluck.

    HP...I will never give another penny to. Disable the onboard video and revert to standard VGA, Ha!!! If you can do it let me know;)

    I have the same card...brand new sitting in a Just didn't want to work with my old Pavillion and XP. Worked fine with Win98 but not the combination of both.

    Please let me know if you get it to work.

    Good Luck
  6. hp maybe but i have an Intel 810 board with built in video and no AGP slot in one of my computers for admin and surfin, changed from AGP(built in) to PCI for boot and disabled integrated and have a matrox quad head card in it all works fine...............
  7. Zodiaq

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    On my pavillion I have a ASUS MEW-AM mobo no AGP. It was a nightmare trying to get the card to work. I was on this forum and many others, did absolutely everything but couldn't get it to work.

    HP support...non existent.

    I still have it brand new in the box if anyone is interested;)
  8. Jahya

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    Well once my brother gets around to bringing his comp by and I get a chance to work on it, I will post my results and/or questions/frustrations here. But...I told him I won't work on it until he helps me run all the cables for my video/audio from my comp to my tv/stereo and rewire the stereo/dvd/vcr/tv/ps2/n64 :p supposedly he's down for it next weekend.
  9. Shamus MacNoob

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    L'Ile Perrot Quebec

    Ok from my past trials and errors I found this to be the way to do it , I had an older machine with the agp on board was 8mb wanted to run and install a pci card (had no agp slot) here is what needed to be done on windows xp..... first go to the hardware manager and system devices find the pci to agp bridge or the listing for the agp on board controller...... this will need to be set to disable in this hardware profile and also the same for the video card that is present....... then you need to shut down go to the bios and set it to boot from pci card if it is set to auto thats fine either disable on board or set to auto , insert the new card and reboot it will detect the new card and then follow the set ups for the drivers , if you do not disable the agp controller in the system devices if your set up acts the way mine did you will not be able to boot up into xp with the agp on board controller enabled in the hardware manager
  10. Shamus MacNoob

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    L'Ile Perrot Quebec
    looking back

    see I did this a ways back and had to disable the agp controller in the hardware manager / system devices in order to be able to boot into windows xp ....... looking back I have to laugh at my old rig was a 400mhz 128 sdram 100mhz with 4 mb on board video ..... mmmmmm today I am on my athelon 1800+ with 640mb 2100 ddr ram and a geforce 4 64mb agp card with a 52x cdrom and a 48x16x48 cd burner and 2 x 30 gig 7200 rpm harddrives lol ..... yes was a good year for the frog plus my son has a good rig as well ....... got them both networked now through a speedstream router/switch

    Happy New Year everyone !!!!!!! :D :D :D
  11. Jahya

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    Well, my brother is a dumba$$...he assured me he had no AGP slot in his comp. So this past weekend he brings it over, I open it up and what do I find...his HP had a Riva TNT 8 Meg AGP card in it. So anyway, all the worries about installing PCI G4 in place of integrated video for nothing..... as it turns out, he never even looked at the computer and just assumed it was integrated. Well, now he has a PCI card b/c I refused to go back to the store to get an AGP card for him...

    The PCI installed w/ no issues what-so-ever and it works great (I guess). It seemed a little jumpy to me, but I installed the most recent drivers for it, slammed the case back together and kicked him out of my house for wasting my time. I'm a bad big brother....but maybe next time when I tell him to check something, he will actually do it....

    But what really pisses me off about this? He's 3rd year at St. Louis U and is majoring in MIS and he couldn't do this himself. My computer education: I broke it and had to fix, the internet....otherwise, I have no degree or even a single college credit for computers. As a matter of fact what little college education I have, I majored in partying....I have to say, I regret that now....
  12. yea theres alot of those "schooled"experts I've met that seem to know nothing even with a 4 year degree
    everything i got i've gotten my own, but that just doesn't seem to mean as much.......:huh: