Installing Works 2001 & Office XP???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by PJayDubya, Jan 13, 2002.

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    I read in another XP forum somewhere that if you have Office XP installed on your system that you can't install MS Works Suite 2001??? MS Picture It! & Streets & Trips is included in the version of Works that I have and would like to install those 2 programs. In order to install them you have to install the Works installer. I posted a thread in the other forum asking if I can install these programs with Office XP on my system and I had numerous conflicting posts - some said no problem others said it would muck up my system. Any help would be appreciated but PLEASE - no opinions cuz MY OPINION is that since it's MS software it should be OK - but what do I know??? THANKS!!! PJW
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    Set a system restore point and go for it. If it does muck something up just use the restore point you created before installation.
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    hey pj should be find I just loaded office xp on my system after uninstalling office 2k....but I wanted publisher and I just chose those apps to install..does works have that option...asking you what part of the app you want and what apps should be installed if so just load what you want and that's it...should be fine...but yes definately do a restore point so if it gets f*&#ed so what...
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    works 2000

    for what it's worth i just installed works 2000 on xp home w/ no
    problems and it seems to run just fine. i did create a restore pt.
    beforehand, but xp seems to have accepted the program without
    a hitch, so if it will take works 2000,wouldn't it accept 2001? don't
    know if this helps you or not ,but like lonman said give it a try!(after you create a restore pt!) best of luck!
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    works 2000 has a custom install option,i'm assuming 2001 does too.:)