Installing norton utilities on winxp home edition

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by junoon, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. junoon

    junoon Guest

    Installing norton utilties 2002

    I upgraded from win98se to winxp home edition.
    now norton utilities don't work.
    I unstall the norton utilities. now i can't reinstall back

    when i try to install half way through

    It says (An error occurred during the move data process :-113)
  2. ghayes

    ghayes Microsoft MVP

    I believe that this is an InstallShield error.

    113 means "Specified file cannot be opend as read-only"

    The file (or one of the other data cab files) is missing or corrupted; or an uncompressed data file is missing from a CD-ROM, Data As Files build.

    Are you installing from CD or downloaded executable?

    - Greg/Raxco Software
  3. allan

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    Unless it's really more trouble than it's worth, I'd suggest reformatting and doing a clean install of XP instead of the upgrade. You'll have fewer problems in the long run.
  4. junoon

    junoon Guest

    Installing from downloaded executable?

  5. Terrahertz

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    Thats a big no no. You should have uninstalled Nortons before upgrading. Didnt you get a warning?
  6. allan

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    Sorry junoon - I don't understand your question.
  7. junoon

    junoon Guest

    I didnt get any warning before upgrading to winxp home

    After upgrading norton utilities didnt work. then i unstall them

    now when i try install back half way through it gives me error

    also I install Fix-It utilities 4.0 no problem with installing

    When i try run fix-it utilities it freezes tried 5-6 time now i am
    going to unstall them

    thank for help
  8. Carol

    Carol Guest

    Norton Util w/XP


    I found out the hard way how to get Norton to install under XP -
    Apparently one must remove all previous traces of Norton from the registry before re-installing it (in ALOT of different areas which took me awhile to figure out...*G*)
    Then, defrag & try installing Norton again...if successful, run Norton WinDoctor.....This process worked just fine for me...

    Good luck... :)