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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by cynismus, Oct 3, 2006.

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    So I recently got a new computer, and it came with one SATA hard drive. My old computer has a Western Digital IDE hard drive with a bunch of data on it, and I want to move it all over to the SATA drive. My motherboard has two IDE channels. IDE0 is my DVD burner - that is the only device on it. I figured I would install the old hard drive on IDE1 to be the only device on there.

    I tried setting the jumper to both cable select and master, but my BIOS will NOT recognize the IDE drive - it will only recognize the DVD burner and the SATA hard drive. If I try to let the computer boot without going into BIOS at all, I'll eventually get to a black screen that says "Detecting arrays..." and it just hangs.

    I am at a loss as to why the old IDE drive is not recognized. Does anyone know how the connections should be in order for it to be recognized? All help is appreciated.

    I have the Gigabyte GA-M55SLI-S4 motherboard and I just update the BIOS.
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    if you have a dvd on the ide it is master so set the hard drive to slave on the same cable as the dvd
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    The cable that the dvd drive is on isn't long enough to stretch to the hard drive.
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    Don't quote me on this, but if it was me I'd just plug the IDE drive into where the DVD drive is temporarily, don't even connect the DVD for now, and then see if it will see it....

    Then transfer the stuff over and then put it back.. :D
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    If you are getting a message of "Detecting Arrays", it appears as if it is looking for a RAID array. Since you only have one hard drive, obviously there won't be an array found ;)

    Go into your BIOS and see what your options are in regards to turning the array off.
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    I unhooked my SATA drive completely from the motherboard and attached its power cable to the IDE drive. I took the IDE cable out of the DVD drive and hooked that up to the IDE drive. I set the jumper to cable select. So that means the only drive connected to the motherboard was the IDE drive. I did this just to see if BIOS would recognize the drive.

    When I booted up and went into BIOS, nothing was recognized on any of the IDE channels. I restarted and let it go and it took me to the "Detecting arrays..." screen. The funny thing is that the only option I could find in BIOS about RAID was for NV SATA. I went ahead and disabled that, but still had the issue. I believe the option is in the "Integrated Peripherals" section of my BIOS. The only IDE related items there are:

    Enable/disable IDE Channel0 and Channel1
    Enable/disable IDE DMA transfer access
    Enable/disable IDE Prefetch Mode

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    I decided to try to hook up my other PATA drive (the one with Windows installed on it) in an attempt to verify if I was even hooking everything up correctly. To my chagrin, my computer DID recognize that drive. So I decided to take the other one to Best Buy to see if their external enclosure would recognize it...but that didn't help. The guy there said that he didn't even hear the disk spinning. He figured it was dead.

    As you can probably imagine, I am PISSED! I know that data recovery can get quite expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    You said you set "both" jumpers ... which?

    Regardless ... pull every drive out of your PC except the one that you are having problems with (the one you want to work)

    Set the jumper to Master (Cable Select is sometimes unreliable).

    Let me know what happens ... havent heard of an HD problem like this since we had to type in the cylinders, etc info into the BIOS lol
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