Installed Xp over Xp... my programs??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pHANTOMpHREAK, Apr 25, 2002.

  1. Ok in the last couple days i have gone to hell in back w/ my computer. To fix my problem i had to reinstall xp overtop of my old partitioned xp. i kept all my files and folders in place adn just basically replaced the os w/ a fresh install. Well now all my old programs are there on my computer BUT they wont work.. Nothign is listen in my start menu. Now this is understandable, but is there a way that i can fix it so all my fikles adn settings come back??

    pelase help me out here.
  2. Bytes Back

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    In theory :rolleyes: if you install the programs to there original locations you should keep there settings.
  3. well obviously

    i know i cna do that, but im looking for a way to have ti so i DONT have to reinstall every damn thing.

    but my major problem is it not recognizing my hardware. like they are there in the hardware listings, but none are being used. so im guessing i should reistall them all.
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    save your data and do a clean install. the reason y nothing works is when u reinstalled windows u reinstalled the regestry back to a fresh install. now all of the program regestry entries are gone or not correct.
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    As I always say-----Clean installs are best!!! I don't recommend upgrading, just back up the files you want to keep and do a fresh install or XP