Installed SP1 build 1106! Great, but...

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by viperxp, Sep 2, 2002.

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    I have just installed sp1 build 1106 last nite.. xp's looking good :D

    i have checked the version/build info "string" and compared them against screenshots from various sites & forums... i am pretty convinced that this build is final... but is there any way to make sure?

    i am thinking of downloading the "official" release from MS server and do a CRC check / binary compare of both files.. but i am not sure if this will work, as they may differ in terms of digital signatures etc, but they maybe the same final code packaged differently... suggestions, anyone?

    anyone know if the 1st version of uxtheme.dll will work on xp with sp1? and if it's not, where can get a version that works with sp1? i have checked tgtsoft; and wanna avoid installing stylexp...

    please help..
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    As far as I know, there's a patch floating around for uxtheme.dll & SP1, I don't remember if I saw it on the front page or in the forums; I don't have time to search for you at the moment, sorry...
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    CAn I check with you, did you do slipstreaming when you installed it?? Or you just excute the SP1 file?? Thanks!:D
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    #neonwizard: thanks for the link, but when i click on the d/l link on fileconnect... it shows me the message that i hated the most: "Unfortunatly, the site that linked to this files is a bandwidth-stealer... SHAME ON HIM! :)
    You will now be redirected to the site that hosts this file."

    i went to the vortex site, but they said that "i don't have permission to access the file"...

    did i miss sumthing / did sumthing wrong? ideas anyone?

    #BoyBoy: i did NOT slipstream.. i just ran the EXE to apply sp1.
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    i don't, and i don't think so... but that's wut the page says b4 redirecting my back to the front page... i, too wish be enlightened on why the page said do ... :D
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    the owner of the site must be using a script that checks the refferer of the link. this way they can prevent other sites linkning their files and claiming to be hosting the files themselves. hence bandwidth stealer
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    heres the patched uxtheme for sp1...havnet used it though so im not sure if it works. just rename it to uxtheme.dll
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    zone alarm

    just close the option in zone alarm or your firewall that does the cookie checking thing and it will work fine