install windows xp on 32mb ram

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dayneh88, Apr 29, 2002.

  1. dayneh88

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    i was just wondering if anybody knows how to install a clean install on a laptop with 32mb of ram. I went through the news history, and there was a link to it but it didn't work so i have been looking everywhere.

    can anybody help me or give the proper link or something?
  2. Twink

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    are you sure you want to?, I mean it's gonna run like crap. even 98 doesn't run briliantly with only 32
  3. dayneh88

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    yeh i'm sure,
    its not for me its for my mum, she is getting my old laptop, and i just want to see how it runs, if it runs really shit then i'll take it off and put another os on.
  4. stuy_b

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    NO operating system (95/98/me/NT4/2000/XP) will run well with only 32mb ram.. 95/98 is usable, XP wont run very well, if at-all, 2000 wont run well, NT4 wont run well.

    Get more ram!!
  5. dayneh88

    dayneh88 Guest

    i can't upgrade to more ram because the laptop is too old,
    can anyone just give me the info or a link somewhere please,
  6. THEM

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    Minimum System Requirements for Windows Xp home or pro are a P-II 233MHz, with at LEAST 64MB RAM. If your pc does not fit these requirements, setup will not continue...
    Windows 98SE is your best option here... You can try Windows Me first, if you really want to...
  7. Steely

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    I would never recommend installing Windows ME, I'll rather go back to Windows 3.1!!! ME is packed full of bugs and is probably the most unstable piece of software I've come across.

    If I may ask, what are you planning to use the Laptop for?

  8. DoubleClick

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    I installed Win2000 on a 633mhz and 32mb ram and it was dreadfully slow. It was almost impossible to use and WinXP needs more ram again. So don't waste your time just install 98 or ME.
  9. dijital

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    your probably better off installing win 95 on your laptop. it'll give you the least amount of hassle considering your resources.
  10. l0g0ut

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    i still remember back in 1996 .... using pentium 75mhz with 8MB RAM .... then when windows 98 came out upgrade the RAM to 24MB .... it's usable...
  11. Twink

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    95 and 98 are find with 32MB of ram if you run old programs as well. Trying to run the latest office etc will kill it even more.

    ALthough there might be a command switch to force and install, I had a look for it, but only found the 98 ones which didn't include skip memory check, it had skip HDD, proccessor and Scandisk, but no memory
  12. rperre

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    According to Q282401

    I found this knowledgebase article that you can go around the 64Mb minimum, hope it helps.

    It's knowledgebase number Q282401, just look up on the microsoft site.
  13. DoubleClick

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    I can see it now :) Windows XP on 32 mb ram:

    Boot Time = Enough time to drink a 6 pack of beer.

    Shutdown Time = Enought time to go back to beer store and get another 6 pack.
  14. Sazar

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    all I am going to say is that don't go higher than win 95...

    I had a gateway 2000 33MHz with 12 megs of ram and win 95.. no problems whatsoever... but it did get sluggish when I ran heroes of might and magic with a whole bunch of creatures fighting at the same time...

    win xp with all its features will not work well... I can't see it running on less than 64 megs without a massive slowdown...

    you can try it out as an experiment but I highly recommend going lower to win95/98...

    g.luck and hope your mom has fun...
  15. Nismo83

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    Try Win 95.. should be able to quite perfect with 32 MB RAM if compare with 98 and ME
  16. Nismo83

    Nismo83 OSNN AZN Addict

    Try Win 95.. should be able to quite perfect with 32 MB RAM if compare with 98 and ME.

    try optimize or do whatever tweak to the notebook..
  17. patrick

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    Yes... unfortunately as stated, there isn't much you can do when you have little ram. At the college I attend I recently discovered that in the oldest computer lab they are running some type of Pentium 2 or 3 with 16Mb of ram. They are using Windows 95- extremely sluggish but still usable I guess.
    Even if you could install Windows XP with only 32Mb ram I don't think you'd get any reward for it. It's stable code and speedy operation would count for nothing by your system crashing or running sluggishly because of the low RAM. Really the only advantage of installing it is the new start menu and pretty blue colour, but at the expensive of performance. It isn't worth it.
    I haven't much experience with Laptops so I'm wondering if this is not a valid idea since no-one else has suggested it, but you should be able to get some second hand ram and install it for a reasonable price. That way you can get Windows XP to run as good as any other machine. Even if you have to go back to Win 98/95 it'll run better than XP on your current setup.
    But nevertheless, just for theories sake, I guess you could install it and try for yourself. Sorry, I can't supply the link, when I was installing WinXP for a friend with only 32Mb ram I had to get him to buy himself some more. Fortunately it was only sdram so it was cheap. Good luck...

    Just a thought.
  18. Hipster Doofus

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    Mr. Burns says, "Excellent!"
  19. meglamaniac

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    Re: ...

    Wrong! I got it working on my parents P200 with 64Mb.
    However, that was with a dedicated 500Mb partition at the front of the drive (for fast access) with nothing but the swap file on it...

    It out performs WinME even on that syatem, so long as all the fluffy stuff is turned off.

  20. Cosmin

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    what can i say : success . Lowest i've ever had was 64 but i'm sure you'll have success :D