Insane Geforce2 Ti Overclocking!!!

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by lucid484, Dec 17, 2001.

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    Well I just got my new vid card the other day (Gainward GeForce2 Ti)...upgraded from my 4r old voodoo 3 =) and just for haha's I wanted to see how fast it could go.With stock fan,crappy case cooling and bare ram on the card I got 275mhz Core and 505mhz DDR Ram speeds....everything runs fine and stable and thats fu**ing faster than a geforce 3 Ti 500 that cost $250 more!!!! now im gonna replace the stock fan and add some serious heatsinks and card cooling and see what I can get ;)

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    I got the same card crom msi

    I got the same exact card but from a different company... MSI

    I think i'll try what you just did...

    But let's say it does run stable how do you know if the card
    overheathing beside de fact that it crashes!?

    Is there other signs!?
  3. lucid484

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    The only way I can tell if it over heats is by crashes after a certain period of time and/or starting to see artifacts while gaming.You can try touching teh vid card too while its on..mine really isnt that hot but it gets alot hotter to teh touch while its OC...i did find that after running games for liek 30min or so that if i tried exiting to the desktop it might not run right so I need to get my heatsinks and new fans installed if I want to OC like that permanantly.

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    I'm running my Geforce 3 at 230 Core and 530 Memory :) Getting a geforce 3 ti500 soon :)
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    I got a Winfast Geforce2 Ti. I only have one fan and that's for the CPU. I put a small desk fan (one that rotates) next to my case, would you think that it would be sufficient to cool the vid card? the card has a fan as well and what core and ram clock settings do you think is stable? I don't want to **** up my video card, i only got it two days ago.
  6. ZipTriX

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    I would recommend speding about 40 bucks on a Thermaltake CRYSTAL ORB and Tin/Copper Coated Ramsinks (Here )

    I have a Geforce 3 with a Thermaltake Blue Orb (lower then the crystal orb) and overclocked to 230/530 stable. i couldn't tell you where to set yours. Personal preference and experience.
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    i just use the gr3u tweak, it works good enough for me
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