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    what is the good and bad about this processer??? ics a Centrino 1.3 is it better than a P3 1ghz???? i am thinking about getting a acer travelmate 290 from a friend and i am just woundering on this processer. anyone got any info on eaither one
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    more work per clock.. its a power cpu even @ low clocks (a la AMD)... only problem is low clocks overall but this is not necessarily a bad thing with notebooks... keeps the battery life up there...

    btw its a pentium M processor... the whole package incl wireless technology is called Centrino... not the precessor alone...
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    The Pentium-M (aka Centrino, when combined with an Intel Wireless adapter) is definitely a step above the Pentium-III. In fact, tests show that a Pentium-M at 1.6 GHz can perform as well as a Pentium 4 running at 2.4 GHz due to it's optimized architecture and 1MB L2 cache.

    The biggest advantage the Pentium-M offers is better battery life, since the processor consumes less power than P4-M's or P3's. Most Centrino laptops are also much thinner and lighter than those containing other processors.
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    ok thankyou
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    I have a 1.4 centrino dell laptop (600m). The 64mb radeon 9000 vid card in it and the 7 hours or so on 1 battery (arounbd 9-10 with both batteries), I love it.