Info - Bootable Floppy for XP

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    Here's a slick little trick you can use in case your ntldr ever gets damaged (or you want a tad more security in who starts your machine up).

    Format a diskette, either from a command window (format a: ) or from windows explorer. Then copy over these 3 files from your root directory: ntldr - NTDETECT.COM - boot.ini. These are hidden system files so you'll have to unhide them from windows explorer through tools> folder options> view> tick "Show hidden files and folders" and untick "Hide protected operating system files (recommended)."

    Once you've copied these files over to a freshly formated floppy, you can boot your current system from it. You could take it one step further and actually delete your ntldr file from your system root on your hard drive (not recommended unless you make 2 or 3 of these floppies). Deleting ntldr would make your system dependant on the floppy to boot up.

    The Knowledge base article for creating this floppy can be found here:;EN-US;305595