Index.dat Suite 2.8.4

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    Seen this mentioned and questions asked related to this subject.

    Index.dat Suite is a rather unique program that allows you not only to delete the index.dat files, temporary internet files, temp files, cookies and history, but it also allows you to view the index.dat files on your system.

    Index.dat Suite's current features include:

    - View index.dat files
    - Delete index.dat files
    - View and delete Temporary Internet Files (TIF)
    - View and delete Cookies
    - View and delete History
    - View and delete Temp files
    - View and delete Recent Documents
    - Auto-generation of batch file to assist in deleting the index.dat files in DOS.
    - Optional add to RunOnce registry key
    - Optional deletion of swap file (9x users only)
    - Optional defrag after file deletion
    - Full application logging

    It's freeware, mirrors for download.