Incorrect Install Of Bios Upgrade

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    Unfortunately I'm quite the layman at all this. I was reading a magazine article in the ne wPC Building Bible 2006. I had referred to Bios and IN the Maximum PC magazine it talked of upgrades. So I went about searching the web for all my driver upgrades and in the process landed in the Intel site. They have a niffty little program that analized my computer and came back with a Bios upgrade. I read what I could understand with thier atached note and proceed. Unzipped file and loaded from the zip.. Reading all that I've seen here, I did not use a floppy or any run routine etc... What I now have is a system that goes to the user panel for login. I login and a message alert tell me that my Windows software isn't registered. I then try to register but somehow my entireinternet feature has disapeared and is no where to be found. Booted in safe mode, got into the mode, can access all programs but really do not know where to go from here. I do not have a copy of my old Bios but know the Bios # via using Belarc sytem identifier.

    Old Bios # EV91510A.04T.0051.2005.0313.1931
    New Bios # EV91510A.86A.0482.2006.0222.2350

    My system is a Sony VIAO VGCRB-40 which I purchased last August. Hey, I'm just trying to make it run as smooth as possible and as fast as posible. So....can someone give feedback as to where I go from here to resurect my computer..

    Old Bios # is
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    backup your data and do a fresh install thats the best answer to all your problems!
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    BIOS upgrades will rarely speed up a computer. More to add features or to fix issues.