in XP Benq DVD rom & PioneerDVR-A03 DVD-R/RW CD-r/RW are backwards this time

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Dagrafixman, Nov 16, 2002.

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    I just finished a Reformat, & reinstall of WinME and XP home for dualboot. Xp home was working fine before. Now it when I tried to Install some programs via' the DVD-rom I was getting setup.exe errors, that I sent to Microsoft. I then tried using the PioneerDVR-A03 below and the programs work.

    I paid alot for my new DVD-R/RW CDR-RW

    and am tring to use it only to Burn

    This is another PC in my home network, and it had been running smoothly, untill my HDD died, and I had to get a new one

    WinME works correctly everytime as far as this matter is concerned.

    Any help is much appreciated,

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    See how you go over here. :)
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    Thx, I forgot about Microsoft for anything but neworking troubleshooting