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    This is the second installment (read: question) in my journey to complete a fairly unfamiliar project. As mentioned in another post of mine, I am attempting to turn my second box into a web server for my website.

    Thanks to the help of members, I have successfully installed RedHat 8.0 on the box, and I made sure to install all of the server packages during the install. My next step or two involves things I am unfamiliar with and require me to ask you folks:

    1) I want to hook up this 2nd box through an open port on my DSL router. I assume I will have to make a change in the router's configuration, or somewhere in RedHat to allow anonymous access to that box (and only that box I hope) from anyone surfing the web trying to access my website. Am I correct in thinking that if I change nothing, the ip address will be masked from people surfing the web by my DSL router?

    2) As it stands right now, I own, but it is hosted by a company called How do I maintain my domain name, but host it on my box? I assume I'll have to cancel my account with DotEasy, but who exactly do I inform that I will be serving the site off of my own box/ip address?

    Sorry if this sounds amatuer, but I have got to learn somehow.

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    Congrats on the installation! One step closer. :)

    1. Yes and yes. Forward port TCP 80 to the IP of the web server. That's it.

    2. You must still have a host for the domain, even if they don't host any files. They will point the domain to your IP. Do you have dynamic IP btw? In that case I suggest you check out (NO-IP+). They can host a domain even if you have dynamic IP (there are others who do this to...).
    Note! You're ISP must allow domain pointing to your account or they may cancel it if you are unlucky.
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    glad i read this, i was interested in this info too.:happy: