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    Hey guys, I found this at HardOCP just now and thought you all should see it, because if it is true, it will COMPLETELY change the world!! I'm posting it here and a couple of other forums, so I apologize if you guys see it again, elsewhere! :)

    Free energy!! Literally, FREE energy!! These guys have released enough information about the device to prevent it from being "erased" by oil companies, governments, etc ... The cool thing is, they have obtained a patent for it - as the article I linked to above points out, patents are generally NOT issued for products which do not work, lol ...

    Anyway, IF this thing is legit, I think it's important that as many people as possible know about it, and have copies of the specifications ... Here is a link to the patent .pdf (with diagrams, schematics, etc).

    Call me paranoid, but I'd hate for somebody with a motive (maybe a motive of billions and billions of dollars in revenue, ie the oil companies) to somehow squash this thing before it becomes a reality...


    So, what do you guys think???

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    Thank you for the stock criticism. The depth of your analysis is thought provoking as usual.


    I suppose you might grace us with an actual explanation as to why you think the device doesn't exist/won't be made? I imagine there must be a reason you feel the way you do, and in the spirit of actually discussing the topic, it might be beneficial if you could maybe elaborate a bit ... ?

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    Short analysis
    Yeah, right. Bullsh*t if you ask me. Stored in time? Well we want to extract it along the 4th dimension (time) as well, right? Not get all the energy out at one instant. "Never runs out" it says everywhere.
    Only heat energy determine the temperatures. All the other energies (motion, positional and so on) exist regardless of temperature.
    No. The step from theroretical science to acctual production is never ever as short as a year. This theory is supposed to have come out March 2002. Calculation energies and building a device to harness the energy are two completely different things.
    If there is no closed loop, there is no electrical current. Period.

    The pictures of this fantastic device are of a slightly modified transformer. The detailed drawings have measurements. However, these measurements are not at all important in constructing an electrical device such as this (even if it's not a transformer). The important figures however aren't there at all.

    Sure it looks good if you don't know how these things work (what doesn't?). I don't say that I'm an expert on this (I studied electro magnetism however) but I know enough to say that this is NOT TURE. Or at the very least not believeable.

    Sorry dudes, the perpetual motion machine is still a dream.
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    damn capitalists will be the end of it all
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