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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by S1RE, May 25, 2003.

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    I just bought these cd-rw's from best buy and when I got home to try them out I get all the way to the Record Setup screen in Roxio's Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 and then it says, "This disc is Ultra Speed CD-RW media and the recorder is not capable of recording data to it." Although the max burn speed of these CD-RW's is 24x I have a 24x burner which is making this all too hard to believe!

    Should I update something or what or is my Burner not capable as it says?
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    I hate those Disks..I can't help you cause I don't use them. I have had a few sent to me with Vids/Data on Drive has trouble reading them..I just copy the Data to another brand.
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    Well the sad part is I really would like to burn CD-RWs faster than 4x a full 700mb burn takes 20 minutes. That's pathetic!!!
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    Try updating the firmware on your CD-RW drive, it should be available at the manufacturer's web site
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    Good Idea I have a PHILIPS Internal CD Rewriter CD-R/RW 24x12x40x and the Model number is PCRW2412 if you can find a firmware update please let me know, because I don't see anything there.
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    New firmware won't fix crappy media. I have a 40x burner that won't burn 24x fuji's over 16x. The burner will burn 24x imation blanks at 40x RELIABLY!

    Buy Imation. Best Buy puts them on sale (with rebate) for 5-10 cents a peice in 50 or 100 spindles.
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    but my cd-rw drive will not write to ultra speed media and if i want to burn cd-rw faster than 4x I have to buy a new cd-rw drive.

    Unless somewhere they make cd-rw's like 6x-8x I don't think if I had a 10x non ultra speed media my burner would still not be able to burn to it.

    I'm really not so sure on this -- are there better cd-rw media out there an old burner can burn faster than 4x ? I'm talking about CD-RW's only here people!