I'm petitioning my school to upgrade web browsers (IE7 and Firefox)

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by dubstar, Feb 20, 2006.

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    I'm planning on writing the school I work at and the school I attend to upgrade the web browsers. Reasons are that some websites are written for newer browsers and display content differently. Functionality is different - including ease of use, and accessability.

    I'm not an english major, nor a persuasive writer. I plan on writing this over the course of the next few weeks and sending it off 1 week after IE7 is released and has been publically tested (for security reasons).

    Would anyone be interested in helping? I figured that other students would be very interested in helping with this cause, maybe even teachers.

    note: this would not have anything to do with modifying proxies to allow e-mail checking/myspace/games/etc.
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    Good luck ..
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    too much work involved. How about you just use portable firefox and carry a jumpdrive around?
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    Well, at least you mention after IE7 is released, cause as long as it's in beta I see an almost 0% chance of them simply agreeing to roll it out on their production network...

    Even if you do go to persuade them after launch, they might want to test it themselves, prior to rolling it out in any way, shape, or form... Many institutions won't go by public testing only, but insist on doing their own internal testing in addition ;)

    Anyhow, I know that sometimes it can take awhile, when it isn't even just a browser update for functionality reasons, but a service pack... When I first came out to UNM in August 1997, they still had NT 4.0 with no Service Pack whatsoever on all the PCs in the labs. I told them this was a bad idea, and also mentioned some of the problems with NT 4 OOB, (which included NTFS filesystem corruption, and some other issues that could pop up from time to time, as I remember). Of course Service Pack 2 would be a bad idea to apply for NT 4, but either SP1 or 3...

    It wasn't until about 2000 or 2001 before they ever put a Service Pack on em machines... :laugh: And some security providers say the prob is peeps reluctance to apply security patches, 3+ years after the patch was released, guess so :D

    And no, though I know some software packages do have support issues with SP level, (or given support), there was no software on these desktops that fell under such a category...