I'm a rookie..need some opinions

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by Biggie_mac, Jun 27, 2005.

  1. Biggie_mac

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    Pls take a look at www.neramo.ro and tell me what you think about it. I mean the abd parts, or what is wrong about it and stuff like that. i'm new in web site design and I would need the opinions of people who are good in this matter. Thx a lot ...I apreciate it!
  2. wingman411

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    I think a counter is rather tacky on a comercial site. You can probably get statistical data from your web hoster.

    Just my opinion. Other than that and the fact that I can't read it whatever language it is in, nice layout.:)
  3. -seek-

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    Looks great from here... Just take that blue bar in the background out... It's very distracting.
  4. ray_gillespie

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    Yeah looks really good - the only other thing I could suggest is to perhaps use jpegs that are slightly less compressed, as around the words "Neramo Distribution" and "Portal" there is that artefact stuff from highly compressed jpegs. In this age of broadband, I don't think increasing the size of the jpegs (from having less compression) will have that much of an impact. Or use of GIF or something.

    P.S. Anyone know the correct term for that fuzzy compression stuff?
  5. Biggie_mac

    Biggie_mac OSNN Junior Addict

    Thx a lot guys
  6. JL Renegade

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    I have seen that layout on many other sites... Basically, like exactly the same, same script an all. Lemme look for another link.

    Other than the flash being a little tacky, it looks nice.

    Edit :: Found it. It was your design in another topic. Haha. Try toying with different designs beofre trying to become a web pro. Not to say I am one.