If your Graphics Card Fails

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by Kenny scroggie, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. Just thought you folk sould know this. I just bought a new pc to replace my old p3. I got a new Athlon 2000 xp with a geforce 4 mx 440. The problem was the fan failed on it when my fiance was using it. I was offshore at the time so you could imagine that I was a little miffed. So I phoned Time and demanded a free upgrade because I'd only had the pc for a few weeks. My god people they sent me through a Geforce 4 TI 4600. If it happens to you you should try the same.
  2. Iceman

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    OMG, what a great deal, you haven't been smokin the Ganja have you?

  3. ZAnwar

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    you lucky lucky person !!!
  4. fitfella29

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    youre gonna have everyone thats just bought a comp from time ringing them saying that there graphics card is nackered now and that they want a new one,lol
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    Well done dude. Enjoy
  6. Wrong one

    Sorry folks I thought you'd better know. The swines sent me the same one. The swine who installed it said it was a ti but it was the same kind. Sorry
  7. Doom

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    Sorry to hear that lad. If you get hold of the guy that installed it then I'd kick him in the knacks.
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    youre just gonna have to go out and buy the real deal now then!
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    You should get a TNT/2 M64 PCI card. Foolish knave.
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    m000000 - lucky git!

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    Time + Free Upgrade = :eek:
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    whats time?
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    Those athlon fans fail alot eh? lol..

    proly cause thay get soo hot the fan breaks.
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    i think he was talking about the vid card hf fell off