If You Try To Be Over Talented!!

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    The Pope is visiting town and all the residents are dressed up in their best Sunday clothes.

    Everyone lines up on main street hoping for a personal blessing from the Pope.

    One local man has put on his best suit and he’s sure the Pope will stop and talk to him. He is standing next to an exceptionally down-trodden looking bum who doesn’t smell very good.

    As the Pope comes walking by he leans over and says something to the bum and then walks right by the local man.

    He can’t believe it, then it hits him. The pope won’t talk to him, he’s concerned for the unfortunate people the poor and feeble ones.

    Thinking fast, he gives the bum $20 to trade clothes with him. He puts on the bums clothing and runs down the street to line up for another chance for the pope to stop and talk to him.

    Sure enough, the Pope walks right up to him this time, leans over close and says,

    I thought I told you to get the hell out of here!

    - Lisa

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    Over talented?!?! I think dressed may be the word you need!

    Not bad though :) Hehe.