if yer SLI is freezing at games read here.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by garikfox, Apr 14, 2005.

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    "When I had My DFI I Flashed a p BIOS means Performance. When i did that and came back into windows seemed i had some weird video stuff going on. EG.

    Once XP is Loaded under the "current BIOS" then U load up SLI drivers etc..

    NOW heres the catch Freezing guyz, Cuz I just freezed also, lol

    Once U have a Loaded XP etc. with a BIOS and IF u FLASH OR CHANGE the PEG etc. then U WILL have a LOCK UP ... I just did like my main poster here.

    So the conclusion is Did u Flash or change BIOS setting WHILE yer vid drivers were loaded ?

    YES u have to do a CLEAN intall to fix the FREEZING, Seems the Newer BIOS's have major PCIE code upgrades. That Conflict with just like APIC or whatever.

    So If u Have Lock-UP's in SLI once a game LOADS then this is the KEY. :)

    BTW:1007-004 will NOT load a clean isnstall of XP with RAID0 as main. nice bug it has. :)
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    i so cant understnad what you have typed... might want to clean it up a little heh