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  1. bilottag

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    In IE6 whenver I click on the History button, the history pane pops up to the left as normal.
    However, no history is shown, just a History.IE5 folder and two files (desktop.ini and index.dat). If I expand the History.IE5 folder, all I get is another index.dat file which can't be opened.
    Any Ideas?
  2. waddy

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    How many days have you got it set to collect ?

    0pen a command line window (Start button -> Run -> cmd) and type sfc, then hit ENTER. This command line runs the System File Checker, which performs a number of services.

    Run that and see if it helps
  3. RHS

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    I have a similar problem.

    I clean installed XPpro on 2 networked computers. Most things OK and very happy . Except that on each the history log in Internet Explorer constantly leaks and loses all their data except for the 'By most visited' category.

    On one I have cleared and zeroed 'history days'. Everything went from the log, including 'most visited'. Strange thing that under 'by date' it kept a blank entry for 'Monday' (on a Tuesday). I then reset to 21 days History (previously 49), but still just a blank Monday after visiting a dozen sites at random.

    I have tried Waddy's suggestion above but now on Wednesday it only shows a blank Tuesday entry. 'By Most Visited' is again populated.

    All XP service downloads have been installed.

    Regards RHS