IE6 not upto par since SP1 install

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Heeter, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. Heeter

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    Hi guys,

    I just dropped 1106 final sp1 into the 'puter four days ago, I have been noticing that IE is not working like usual. thins like it being a little slower and every page that opens up, a couple of small items are always missing from these pages (like links, icons,etc..) Once refreshed, these items make it onto the page. Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hipster Doofus

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    SP1 could have messed it up a little. (maybe) You could try doing a repair of IE.
    This is pre SP1. Don't know if it matters or not.
  3. mbunny

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    Yeah well... IE wasn't that good a browser in the first place... As for your problem...

    I assume your using Build 1106???

    go to Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel then select Set Program Access and Control.

    Make IE your default browser etc...

    Btw... wasn't SP1 meant to let you remove IE from being even used?? I'd prefer to remove it completely rather than sitting on my comp taking resources when I boot up.

    To eliminate all crap things IE... Use Mozilla =)
  4. Loki-XP

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    IE6 with multiple Java VM's

    I've had some issues with IE6 since the 1106 SP1 install as well. In the control panel, Add/Remove programs that new section that lets you set Access and Defaults for programs.. I customized my own to use My current virtual machine for Java, which at the time was Sun's Java plugin for XP, and I changed my default browser to IE.

    Well now when I visit a webpage with java applets, the applets come up just fine, however if I click on Tools->Internet Options the program goes "Ding!" and then closes IE all togeather.

    I've since then uninstalled Suns Java VM to solve the problem.. but I thought it was kind of odd...
  5. Heeter

    Heeter Overclocked Like A Mother

    I have made IE6 my default browser right from the get go since the install. But I will try a repair. Thanks, guys.