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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by slick1, Oct 24, 2002.

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    Hi all. Well i have successfully upgraded to windows XP and i have found a problem which i cannot fix.

    I am a member on this forum and also on a few other forums and when you subscribe to a thread, a e-mail is sent to your e-mail address to let you know that a reply is waiting for you to view (as you would all be aware).

    When i click on the link to read the reply, the logon screen comes up and when i put my user name and password in, it keeps on going back to the logon screen and will not allow me to read the thread.

    The only way i can go into it is to open up another explorer window, log onto the site and search for the thread.

    Does anybody know how i can fix the problem where i can click on the thread link and it will take me to it rather that having to open up another explorer window and reading the reply :confused:

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  3. Alan

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    Hi Slick1,

    I think it might have something to do with your cookie settings.

    Tools>internet options>privacy.

    Check they are set at medium, and then give it a try.

    Its the only thing I can think of.

    Hope this helps you


  4. Electronic Punk

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    Looking at your details, you have a hotmail account.
    The way hotmail works is op[ening a link in an email will open it into a weird window with the hotmail logo at the top - this plays hell with the way the cookies work.

    My best advice is to hilight the netire link and copy it /// paste it into the title bar and you should be ok (am presuming it shows the address rather than a hyperlink - not an email notification user)
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    yeah - EP is right.. the problem is that you are using the link from Hotmail... it will add its little header thing at the top.. which is the main frame... so it'll cache cookies for itself only...

    copy -> paste link and it should be sorted

  6. slick1

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    thanks for your reply guys.

    i havent had a chance to do what you said. i have been on holidays and i will give it a go tonight. the strange thing is that i used to be able to do it without a problem from windows 98 without a problem. i will try my security settings first and take if from there. BTW. Yes, this is through hotmail.

    thanks again
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    I find this interesting - I get my notifications via my Hotmail account and I never have had a problem with it - I just wonder if it is because I check my Hotmail thru Outlook Express??

  8. Electronic Punk

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    yes it is. hotmail webmail does daft things with urls.