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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by V12Kid, Feb 25, 2003.

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    Why does IE only save all my pics as bitmaps and not jpegs? Everytime I save a pic it only allows it as bitmap? Is there a setting I can check to get it back to normal? thanks

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    Images save as bitmaps only

    If you know the picture isn't a bitmap, but Internet Explorer will only let you save it as one, backup your registry and navigate to:

    For Content Type, it should say "image/jpeg". If it already says that, goto Start, Run and type in: regsvr32.exe /i shdocvw.dll
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    Excuse me if I am having a "senior moment" - but wasn't one of the fixes for this clearing out your Temporary Internet File???? :confused: :confused:

    If so seems like registry hack wouldn't accomplish the same thing????:confused:
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    That's what I would try first. :)
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    this is a known bug in IE that has several causes, the most common of which being that the temporary internet cache is full. The solution to this is to empty your cache.

    Reference this Microsoft TechNet doc for more detailed information;EN-US;Q260650&

    Internet Explorer Does Not Save Graphics Files in the Proper Format if Username:password Is Part of the URL