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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by jiml35, Apr 8, 2002.

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    I amrunning xp pro and have 5 user accounts (all admin) and on 3 of them, Ie 6 favorites or the home page dont work. the only favorites that do work in the list are the ones that came with it and Radio etc etc. it works by typing in url in address bar but its so annoying I had to change to Netscape to get all user accounts going. Any ideas ?????
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    That is because all user accounts use seperate favorites and homepage, for more personalization. You have to copy the favorites and set the home page from one account to another manually.

    Favorites can be found in c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\favorites. Copy them to the corresponding directory for the other users. Home page can be set manually from each accout in Tools->Internet Options.
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    ie favs

    thx for the reply, but that doesn't seem to be the prob. I have done all that but even when I add a bookmark to my favorites, it wont go to them. If i am on this page and hit the home button, it just says done in bottom left corner but doesnt do anything. This only happens on 3 of the five accounts. even at dial up, it loads a blank page and doesnt dial but if I go to favorites and it dials. I am baffled as it works on all accounts with Nstscape
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    have you tried going into Internet options and reseting back to the defaults (advanced tab) ?
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    thx again, but i tried that. still no joy, Netscapes not bad anyway