IE and windows it self is slow

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by canadian_divx, Jun 10, 2003.

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    in the last few days i have noticed that my system has become really really slow, nothing new has been installed, no new windows updates since about may 15th, scaned for adware,viruses, and i defraged, and did disk check.

    anyone have any ideas
    and yea it has even gotten to the point where going from ntfs to google starts to legg my computer, so what is the deal with this, anyone know????
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    Well...this has come up within the last few weeks.

    I was having the same problems, somewhat.

    There were those who talked about defragging everyday.

    I have alot of kazza stuff, so I set my defrag to "daily @ 4 a.m." and I've actually seen a bit of improvement.

    Deleted a bunch of non-essential stuff and I try to reboot atleast every other day.
  3. Friend of Bill

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    Keep an eye on your processes in the task manager (i.e. cpu%) and take it from there.
  4. Have you cleared your temp files? Your Prefetch folder? Your Internet Temp Files? I do this and defrag. The result: Faster response times.
  5. canadian_divx

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    i have my temp files deleted on shutdown, and prefech is almost empty, my spu usage unless i am running seti is about 9-10 unless i load something but my pf usage is up arounf 200mb with nothing but antivirus and download measure prog, i load ie and it goes up to 250mb. this seems odd because on my laptop it is normal at 89mb and with ir, photoshop and other it is like 150mb, io am thinking htat this might be it, but why??? any one know
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