IE 6 in windows xp problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by omegaucv, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. omegaucv

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    i just installed winxp pro and installed ALL the updates. For some reason IE wont allow me to download files on ANY webpages. The only way i can download is if i connect via FTP in IE. I tryed Opera and im able to download files perfectly. Someone tested IE on their pc and found no problems. For some reason when i use IE to download files the normal way (http links) it wont save the full file. my pc specs are as follows.

    P3 750
    over 300sdram pc-133
    50gig hdd
    winxp pro with updates.
  2. omegaucv

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    does anyone not know post anything so i atleast acknowledge someone is reading this.
  3. duder

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    check your internet security settings and the advanced tab for anything out of the ordinary
  4. omegaucv

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    i checked and nothing seams wrong. Can u post what you have selected so i can compare? maybe a screen shot image?
  5. damnyank

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    After writing down all you current settings on the Advanced Page - how about:
    Tools, options, advanced, Restore Default Settings????

    There are two entires on the advanced page concerning FTP - neither are checked on my set up!
  6. omegaucv

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    those are checked off for me as well. i dunno what is causing this.
  7. stuy_b

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    have you got the latest build 3805 of msjav from

    or windowsupdate

    Its the Jarva console. (when installed you need to check the box in Internet options labeled "use java console". a reboot is required after.
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    Enabling that Java thing seamed to fix the problem. But i'm still testing the downloading. I will post as soon as i see a problem.
  9. omegaucv

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    ok it doesnt work. it still cuts off the download for no reason. It was working for a few seconds then it cut off.